The project

Taking a photograph is quite different from putting three images together to fit a certain context. Taking some shots with your iPhone is different from using your camera. It is more like taking notes . . . the “real thing” may come later. Also, your expectations are very different. The nonchalance of the snapshot turns into self-conscious selection according to the “rules of the game” and one’s awareness. Three photographs, and were it not for the image in the middle with its colourful display of strewn flowers, we might surmise that we are dealing with a black and white sensibility? Black or grey as the sum of colour suits me fine as a background, the flowers and their colour ask all the questions: where is the artifice, the preparation, the expectation? Sensibility and serendipity collide in this composition of display and arrangement. Everything is surreptitiously imbedded in the naming and reading of things, and it is all mixed up, endlessly reconfigured.