The project

To picture where you live is oftentimes difficult. It is akin to knowing who you are, which is something that only comes to us in flashes, if at all. We are consumed by the minutiae of our daily lives so it is hard step outside ourselves to see how others see us. I often understand myself better while travelling. I can see my national quirks when thrown into contrast elsewhere. Did I say I’m sorry again?

 These photos are taken on my commute to and from my studio. I don’t know if you can see me reflected in them but this is the space I wander through on a daily basis. I am sure they define me in some way. They are taken in passing between here and there when something catches my eye. Here, a boy and his father play with a toy boat in the flood waters of the Toronto Islands. There, after a disastrous initial opening following the recent lockdown, circles had to be painted on the ground to underline the need for social distancing. And lastly, a worker with a fluorescent safety X on his back. The ubiquitous legions of workers are engaged in the seemingly endless tearing down and rebuilding of Toronto, go about their jobs mostly unseen.